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Spiritual Drinking

I have found my new favourite bar. Tucked away on a side street in Chalk Farm, it’s unnoticeable unless you know it’s there. Luckily some friends had recommended it to me, so I decided to check it out last week. The place is Spiritual Caipirinha Bar.

As soon as you walk in you know the place is special. There are a few chairs and tables dotted around, but you are welcome to use any surface to sit or place your drink on. Candles decorate the tables, and the lighting is low, giving the bar a very cosy feel. But the coolest thing about the decor is the walls. Customers and artists have written, drawn and stuck up photos every where. In fact when I went with my friends, we were given a pen to use freely.

Bar walls

Bar walls

Apart from being a bar, the place acts as an intimate music venue. Most nights they have live acts from 9pm, using musicians that the owners have hand picked. Customers are encouraged to take part too – one night I popped in to find someone randomly jamming on the bar’s piano. When there is no live music, an iPod is casually used to provide the entertainment.

Stage/sitting area

Stage/sitting area

Everything about this bar is unique and homely, and I love it.  So whether you’re on a date, or just wanting some drinks with friends, this is definitely the place to go!

PS. If you’re finding the music too loud, or have a big group, they have a quieter upstairs floor with more tables.

PPS. Get there before 8pm to make use of their happy hour. Selected cocktails are £4 (Real, strong cocktails. No watered down crap). If you turn up late, get a huge glass of wine for £4 instead.



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